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31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

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31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

Why OptiFi ?

Optimised solutions

Built by an engineer, OptiFi relies not only on experience but also on a comprehensive set of technology-based tools to offer you the most optimised solution. Our investment methodology is built upon determining the optimum combination of:

  • Desired performance
  • Risk tolerance
  • Investment horizon

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Transparent advice

We strive to offer you a clear and transparent advice by ensuring that we are there to listen to you and your needs and answer all your questions openly and promptly.

When we present our suggestions and solutions we will ensure that you understand the pros and cons of each option presented.

Our fee is based on a combination of complexity, time spent and outcomes achieved for the client. We will communicate any fees in advance and also make sure that you understand these clearly and are happy to proceed. In any case, we will make sure that you will be happy to recommend our services!

Achieving outcomes for our clients is our plan to expand.

Shared incentives

Our objective is simple: to help you make, save money, or even both! If we don’t manage to do so, then we haven’t delivered our services.

Our fees and reward are closely linked to your financial success, so we make sure we contribute to that.

Collaboration Growth