When we build a strategy for your assets, two main objectives can be achieved : yielding investments and capital gains investments.
It is of utmost importance to appreciate the effect of taxes on those revenues & gains, in order to guarantee the optimised mix net of all costs & taxes.

OptiFi has developed an expertise in reducing your current taxes, having tested and approved a set of simple and effective measures to reduce your existing taxes.

Tax Optimisation
Tax Optimisation

Before considering investments that could reduce your taxes, it is highly recommended to carry out a complete audit of your income & assets situation. This allows to analyse the relevance of a wealth reorganization, which could allow a first degree of tax optimization.

We offer a complete range of financial solutions: whether via funds (FIP, FCPI, etc.), setting up structures (Girardin Industriel) or through real estate solutions (Pinel, Malraux, Bouvard, LMNP / LMP , etc.)

One last aspect to consider: what will remain to my partner, to my children?
It is necessary to address this issue as soon as possible. By doing so, you will ensure that your loved ones can benefit from the wealth built throughout your life, in the most effective way.