A solid asset allocation strategy often includes products from a range of investment classes. Though an important component to enhance your net income and wealth is to work on your tax balance.

We have developed, tested and proven with clients a set of simple and effective approaches to reduce your existing tax bill.

Also, when we recommend investments, we strive to take tax implications into account so that you benefit from the most comprehensive and efficient advice.

TAx optimization

We offer a full range of products, be it packaged solutions, funds (FIP, FCPI etc.), real estate solutions (Pinel, Malraux, Bouvard, LMNP / LMP, etc.)

A less thought solution is to actually step back, take a look at your revenues and assets, and study if there is a way to organise your wealth structure in tax efficient way.

Another important matter: what will you leave to your partner, children ? It is necessary to think ahead about these questions so that your loved ones can benefit from all the efforts made throughout your life.