31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France


31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

Our values

Optimised solutions

Set by an engineer, OptiFi relies on a technical background. We developed a set of tools that allows us to design a tailor-made investment strategy. Our methodology is based on the determination of a combination between:

  • the expected performance 
  • your risk tolerance
  • and the locked-in period

Leave us your contact information. We will first assess how to make savings by restructuring some costs, and then help you optimise the development of your assets.


We strive to offer you clear and transparent advice. We also commit to listening to you, and to answering all your questions openly & promptly.

When we present our suggestions, we make sure that you understand all the ins and outs of each option presented.

Our goal is to help you to become an entrepreneur of your wealth.

Our fees system is based on a combination of complexity, time spent but also savings made. All details are always communicated upfront, along with an estimate of your expected earnings.


Shared incentives

As mentionned above, our remuneration is closely linked to your financial success.

We therefore make it a point of honor that you apprehend the advocated strategies. It is also in our interest to do so, as we strongly believe that tomorrow you will become our best sales representative!

Transparent advice
Shared incentives