How we accompany you

Our intervention is regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers).

We must respect a methodology described below, for which we take part in associating you with at each step. OptiFi wants to accompany you by making you the entrepreneur of your assets!

Wealth Management - Audit
The audit allows to take a “picture” of your situation at a specific moment. We collect all your personal, financial and tax information.
We also like to overflow from the frame in order to apprehend your life projects & objectives.
The idea is to draw together another “picture”: the one you wish to achieve in 5, 10 or 20 years.
At the end of this first step, a mission letter that defines the scope will be signed.
Wealth Management - Recommendation
Once both “pictures” have been taken, OptiFi’s role is to guide you on the optimal path to achieve your goals.
For this, we give you personalized recommendations in a second interview. A summary document is then handed.
Our proposal takes into consideration your needs and complies with regulatory standards along with our code of conduct.
Wealth Management - Set Up
Before deploying the identified solutions, OptiFi hands you a mission report for each investment. This regulatory document details our recommendation by explaining the purpose, the pros and cons as well as our associated remuneration.
We try to pre-fill all the documents so that the administrative burden is as gentle as possible.
Finally, if we have to rely on external providers such as lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc. we are happy to collaborate with your existing relationships or connect you with our network if needed.
Wealth Management - FollowUP
Throughout its mission, OptiFi will monitor the implemented solutions.
This follow-up will make it possible to ensure the adequacy of your investments with your personal situation… and to adapt if necessary.
OptiFi will also inform you of any relevant legal developments. We strive to accompany you in the long term!
All proposed solutions are implemented in compliance with regulatory standards and our code of conduct.

Our remuneration in an open manner

Our consulting and brokerage services are billed through a fixed fee, defined at the start of the relationship depending on the scope and complexity of the mission.
We make recommendations that you are free to set by yourself or through our services.
Financial advisory
The advisory fees are displayed in the mission letter, which is signed ahead of any analysis. These fees are then deductible from eventual entry fees if you decided to implement the recommendations through OptiFi.
Mortgage brokerage
The mortgage brokerage fees are displayed in the mandate (“Mandat de recherche de financement”), which is signed ahead of any bank request. These fees are only due when the funds are realeased, hence in case of success!
Our banking and financial partners (fund managers, insurers, etc.) can give us back part of their own remuneration (entrance fees, management fees, etc.).
Financial advisory
For some investment products, OpriFi receives a retrocession from the entry fee which is the counterpart of the time spent on the selection of the partner. In fact, we pool our requests to negotiate preferential conditions (reduced fees, reduced access thresholds, etc.). A portion of the management fee can also be perceived and is intended to guarantee our monitoring of the portfolio.
Mortgage brokerage
During a credit brokerage mission, we may receive a business contribution from the bank. It aims to remunerate all the admnistrative work which helps file the application faster.

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