Taxes in France for Expats

September 25, 2018


You may be planning to settle in France or you might already live in France: you will then be considered as a “French tax resident”.

In this blog post, I will help you to get an insight into the French tax system.

You might have heard that the level of taxation in France is high compared to other countries in Europe. It is not really the case, and moreover, there are ways to act in order to lower your tax liabilities. We recommend that you consult a French Financial Advisor who will guide you in this process (which process? The following process?).

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OptiFi: Your English-Speaking Financial Advisor on the French Riviera

August 28, 2018


My name is Gary Vigier. After eight years in sales-trading in New-York, Amsterdam and London, I founded OptiFi in 2016: a financial advisory firm based in Nice, French Riviera.

I have been asked by few English-speaking customers to write about my activities, serving Non-French people from Menton to Cannes, including Nice, Antibes, Sophia-Antipolis and Monaco. Most of them found me by word of mouth, and they mentioned that a specific post describing what makes us different as financial advisor would be useful to recommend us in their turn.

Based in the city of Nice, OptiFi covers individuals living on the French Riviera (Var, Alpes Maritimes and Provence) but also helps customers living abroad who want to invest in France.

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