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31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

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31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

About us

Who are we ?

OptiFi is a financial & wealth management firm headquartered in Nice (Côte d’Azur) since 2016. We also provide mortgage brokerage services.

We are backed by the HF&M Associés group, a local french firm who has built relations with banks, insurers, fund management companies for over 10 years.

This structure allows us to support our clients globally and to offer tailor-made solutions.

The firm was created by Gary Vigier: he is an engineer in industrial systems, who then acted as a sales-trader in the largest financial centers (NY, Amsterdam & London). OptiFi has inherited its DNA from Gary’s technical background. We strive to accompany our customers by getting to know them and their projects, and by looking under the hood of financial instruments in order to understand the pros & cons.

Finally, we focus on servicing international profiles, either expatriates living in France or non-residents.

OptiFi - Conseiller Financier Nice


OptiFi is a wealth and financial management firm. This profession is regulated and we are registered at ORIAS under the number 16001435, for the following activities:

Financial Investment Advisor (CIF), registered under the number E008387 with the National Association of Financial Advisers called ANACOFI, an association approved by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers)

Intermediary Agent for Banking Operations & Payment Services (MIOBSP) – ie. Mortgage broker

Insurance Intermediary (IAS)

Finally, in accordance with the law and our code of conduct, OptiFi has professional liability coverage and financial guarantee covering these activities.

Orias OptiFi

Our methodology

Each financial and inheritance situation is unique: this is why it is of utmost importance to listen and appreciate your needs in their whole.

Before any recommendation, an audit is performed in order to understand your situation, as well as your life projects. At the end of the audit, we will be able to produce recommendations.

Our DNA of technical expertise is expressed at several levels of the process:

Financial engineering: analysis and recommendation on the appropriate structure(s) for your wealth

• Once the structure is defined, we proceed with the selection of partners and their financial products (we are not afraid to look under the hood with you)

• Finally, a continuous monitoring of the portfolio is ensured: it can go from a simple adequacy control, to a global and continuous optimization. The level of service is chosen by the customer.

The quality of the relationship we establish with our clients, our sense of ethics and confidentiality, allow us to build the trust needed for a long-term relationship.

So that you can check the appreciation of our work, we invite you to consult the opinions given on our Google page.

We are at your disposal to help you build, structure or restructure your wealth, whether you are a tax resident in France or abroad.

Our expertise covers all the dimensions of financial advisory.

The analysis, made after the audit, allows us to make the necessary adjustments to your assets and may include tax optimization, planification of your inheritance, the choice of suitable financial investment products such as SCPI, the Girardin Industrial scheme, or support your financing needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the best advice and the best level of service.

OptiFi is here to help you:

  • Optimize your tax situation
  • Guide you in the choice of investment media
  • Grow, enhance and secure your wealth
  • Prepare your retirement
  • Organize the transmission of your assets in the best conditions

We use a set of technical tools in order to simulate different scenarios, helping us to optimize the management of your assets.

Further details about our methodolgy.

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How we get paid


Our consulting and brokerage services are billed through a fixed fee, defined at the start of the relationship depending on the scope and complexity of the mission.
We make recommendations that you are free to set by yourself or through our services.

Financial advisory
The advisory fees are displayed in the mission letter, which is signed ahead of any analysis. These fees are then deductible from eventual entry fees if you decided to implement the recommendations through OptiFi.

Mortgage brokerage
The mortgage brokerage fees are displayed in the mandate (“Mandat de recherche de financement”), which is signed ahead of any bank request. These fees are only due when the funds are realeased, hence in case of success!


Our banking and financial partners (fund managers, insurers, etc.) can give us back part of their own remuneration (entrance fees, management fees, etc.).

Financial advisory
For some investment products, OpriFi receives a retrocession from the entry fee which is the counterpart of the time spent on the selection of the partner. In fact, we pool our requests to negotiate preferential conditions (reduced fees, reduced access thresholds, etc.). A portion of the management fee can also be perceived and is intended to guarantee our monitoring of the portfolio.

Mortgage brokerage
During a credit brokerage mission, we may receive a business contribution from the bank. It aims to remunerate all the admnistrative work which helps file the application faster.

The details of our remuneration can be obtained at any time upon request.

The team

Gary Vigier

Gary Vigier

Managing Director & Founder

Gary Vigier is an industrial engineer by training, graduated from the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT). He then decided to change to finance with a Master’s degree in Market Finance and Technological Innovation from SKEMA Business School.

With this technical foundation, Gary Vigier quickly took up the functions of trader and sales-trader for more than 8 years. He worked throughout the world, having evolved in New York, Amsterdam and London.

His experience in the financial markets as well as his interest in the development of his own wealth led him to create OptiFi HFM in 2016.

Tanya Bencheva

Tanya Bencheva

Strategy consultant & CEO of Native Spaces

Tanya Bencheva brings reflection and gives strategic direction to OptiFi. This allows us to provide competitive services, but also to offer the most appropriate customer experience.
Tanya Bencheva now runs Native Spaces, an online market place that aims to become the leader in event organization. Prior to that, Tanya was an experienced strategy consultant who helped companies increase revenue, differentiate and improve margins through improved processes.

Before becoming an independent consultant, she worked at Strategy & the PwC Group.

Our partner

HF&M Associés was created in 2008. It was initially a local mortgage broker, which evolved quickly to become a consulting firm in wealth management. HF&M is an active partner of OptiFi and supports its development.

HF&M associés