31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France


31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France

About Us

The Team

Gary Vigier

CEO and Founder

Gary Vigier is an expert in personal finance. Though he started as an Industrial engineer who graduated from the UTT. Only then, he decided to join the Post Graduate Program from SKEMA Business School specialised in Financial Engineering and Technology Innovation. Strong of this quantitative background, Gary Vigier evolved as both a Trader and a Sales-Trader for more than 8 years across different areas such as New York, Amsterdam and London.

His experience of the Financial Markets along with a genuine interest in personal finances led him to setup OptiFi HFM in 2016.

Tanya Bencheva

Strategy advisor

Tanya Bencheva brings critical thinking and strategic guidance to OptiFi to ensure we offer competitive services and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Tanya Bencheva is a strategy consultant with experience helping businesses across industries grow their revenues, differentiate to compete effectively in the marketplace, and operate efficiently to improve margins.  Before becoming an independent consultant she worked at Strategy&, PwC.

Who we are

OptiFi HFM is a Financial Advisor part of the HF&M GroupOur goal is to define and setup the optimum solution for your personal finances. It was setup in 2016 by Gary Vigier and its offices are located in Nice, France. Though we offer worldwide coverage! 

Leave us your details so that we can reach out on how we can help in your specific situation.

Our Partner

HF&M started to operate as a Mortgage Broker in 2008 but quickly developed into a comprehensive advisor for personal and professional finances. HF&M is an active Equity partner of OptiFi and is supporting its development.