31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France


31 rue de Paris, 06000 Nice - France
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We offer a comprehensive and diversified way to develop your revenues & savings.
Finacial Investment

Tax Optimization

In our quest to help you save or make money, we take tax implications into account.


We will get you the cheapest financing solutions, optimising your leverage capacity.

What we offer

We provide expert financial advice. We rely on an experienced technical team who will ensure you are getting the best guidance from the industry.
Our mission is to define and setup the optimum solution for your personal finances.
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About Us

OptiFi is a Financial Advisor part of the HF&M Group. Our mission is to define and setup the optimum solution for your personal finances.

OptiFi was setup in 2016 by Gary Vigier, an experienced trader and broker who worked in New York, Amsterdam and London.

Our offices are located in Nice, France, but with our solutions we offer worldwide coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial advice do you give?

We can accompany you on very specific missions such as tax optimisation, structuring and optimising your savings allocation, prepare your retirement etc.
Obviously, we can offer a full wealth analysis and will come back to you with a full set of recommendations engulfing all our areas of expertise.
Finally, we can assist you in your real estate financing. You should neglect this when building your wealth, especially in the current low rate environment.

Do you offer individually tailored investment plans?

Not only we do offer individually tailored investment plans, but we ONLY do so !
Even two customers with identic wealth situations could end up receiving different set of recommandations as they will have different risk tolerance and different time horizon, for some or all of their assets.

How would I optimize my taxes?

We look at all of our allocation recommendation in a Net basis, taking into consideration taxes that would apply to your specific situation.

Obviously, if we can advise you on how to update the structure of your wealth so that you can improve your global net wealth, we will be vocal about it !

OptiFi - French financial advisor

Why choose us?

Optimised Solutions

We tailor our financial advice to your current situation by taking into consideration your desired performance, your investment horizon and your risk tolerance.

Transparent Advice

We strive to offer you a clear and transparent advice.

We will also answer all your questions openly and promptly.

Shared Incentives

Our objective is simple: to help you make or save money. 

We position ourselves as partners as we link our fees to your financial success.

Interested to hear more?

Would you like to speak to one of our financial advisers over the phone or E-mail? Just submit your details below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Alternatively, you can call us: +33 6 99 82 67 61 or send us an E-mail to contact@optifi-hfm.com. We will be delighted to provide you with more information and answer all your questions.

Note: Your details are kept strictly confidential as per our Privacy Policy.